Chef-driven, hawaiian inspired poké creations

At FreshFin our philosophy is " Eat FreshFin". Our journey is to source the highest quality fish from responsible and sustainable fisheries all while keeping a reasonable price point. This also includes our idea of keeping our produce as local as possible and to support our local partners. We will keep our promise to provide seasonal offerings and to continuously innovate our brand to provide what we think the perfect Poké should & can become. 

our story

It all began with simple seasoning of the cut offs from every fisherman's catch, served as a snack, and has since been influenced and translated into today's healthy raw fish salad that we know and love. Our two month long travel around Asia aided our refinement towards the humble bowl of Poké. It is safe to say that we fell in love with everything that had to do with Poké. We took the best component of Sushi and put them in a convenient container bowl to provide you with a healthy, continuously crave-able quick-service food experience. 

Words can only say so much. Come see what FreshFin is all about.